Business Problem:

MNJ Technologies managed internal applications and over 200 virtualized desktops with iSCSI Storage, but was reaching limitations in the 1Gb bandwidth, and scalability for high performance workloads like VDI. With continued internal growth, the administrative burden of managing and upgrading iSCSI Storage had become costly enough that another solution was needed.


In their search for a solution, MNJ decided on the newly released HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Series and it quickly proved to be the gold standard in Tier-1 storage. The stand-out differentiator of HP 3PAR is its ability to scale both horizontally and vertically, allowing MNJ to seamlessly add or remove capacity, changing the way whitespace is handled internally and allowing for earlier and more consistent planning. With the added benefit of dynamic, automated tiering, administrative time spent rebalancing storage pools and moving data around for performance reasons has been completely eliminated and the risk of downtime drastically reduced. The HP 3PAR solution enabled MNJ to reduce costly maintenance windows and downtime due to the quick and easy scaling process using the modular storage tray system.

Key Outcomes:

  • Ability to network a number of physical servers to a common storage backend
  • Higher IO capability
  • Substantially better scalability
  • Flexibility of multiple drive types
  • Adaptive capacity
  • Decreased admin and analysis time
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