Business Problem:

Township High School District 211 is the largest high school district in Illinois with 7 schools, a current enrollment of nearly 11,600 students students, and over 3,000 faculty members. As their enrollment continually increases, and they add programs, staff, and buildings to their campuses, the district is tasked with storing and managing a massive amount of data. Due to outdated technology, compression and deduplication was needed, but not possible with the current solution. In 2016, District 211 began an initiative to update their backup and replication strategy with a strict budget and a defined timeline.


After a discovery and assessment phase, MNJ Technologies recommended Unitrend’s Recovery Appliance and Private Replication to DR infrastructure with GFS for long term retention as a viable and scaleable solution. While budget constraints and an incumbent vendor were factors that played into their decision, District 211 chose to proceed with MNJ’s recommended solution.


High School District 211 now has a robust and scalable backup and replication solution that will be in place for the next five to seven years. Unitrend’s technology provides District 211 with fast deployment and scalability, and offers the added benefits of no limits licensing and unparalleled customer support.

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