Business Problem:

Samtec is a global manufacturer of electronic interconnect solution blocks. As their company grew, they began to experience growing pains in their infrastructure. A single data center was handling all data across sites in 26 countries. Samtec had become very vulnerable to a crash and after experiencing widespread tornado damage just miles from their headquarters, they were in urgent need of a disaster recovery plan.


As the tech industry began to shift to cloud-based, MNJ was already securing space in Chicago-area data centers. In 2011, MNJ began work with the Samtec team to build and configure a new disaster recovery site in the Telx space in Chicago. After a year of hard work from both sides, the site was completed and Samtec’s disaster recovery plan put into place.


Since completion, Samtec has successfully failed over to the site several times, and continues to run tests to ensure they are prepared for a true disaster recovery scenario. Samtec is able to operate with peace of mind that their data and systems are safe in the event of a crash. After having built a relationship based on trust, MNJ continues to assist Samtec’s IT in a variety of areas including licensing, storage, networking, security, telecom management, and end user computing.

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